Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My first blogger review!

An emphatic "thank you" goes out to Derek John Jordan, a blogger who downloaded The Whole Spirit: Redemption Songs whilst the entire album was available for free on Noisetrade (I've since whittled it down to a three-song sampler, just FYI) and briefly reviewed it at Just Being Here: A Blog of Derkyness. This guy posts about 15 to 20 reviews a week, focusing specifically on underground Christian music that is freely downloadable from Noisetrade. Describing The Whole Spirit as a collection of "modern day hymns," Derek had particularly nice things to say about the vocal sound and explicitly biblical, Christ-centered lyrics. He identified "Turn Our Anger Into Praise" as a highlight -- complimenting its drum beats (way to go, Ryan Poling!) and gradual surge in volume, instrumentation, and tempo over nearly three minutes -- and also seemed to resonate with the words of thanksgiving/petition and eight-piece choir sound on "Prayer and Doxology." I know I've already expressed my gratitude on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, but seriously, Derek ... thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for taking the time to not only listen to my music, but also to give it a positive (yet honest) review on your blog. Please keep doing what you do for underground Christian artists everywhere!

In other news ... I now possess some physical copies of The Whole Spirit: Redemption Songs in compact disc form. If you would like a copy -- either through snail mail or a face-to-face exchange -- I will very gladly sell one to you for $7; just hit me up at tohoover(at)gmail(dot)com and inform me about the most optimal way of getting it to you. For those of you who donated toward the audio mastering and album artwork for this nine-movement indie/choral/folk/rock liturgy on Kickstarter, expect your consequently free copy sooner than later ...

Thank you (yes, YOU) so much for your support through my entire journey. I still can't believe that any of this is happening. Loving neighbors as oneself is never an easy task, but when I continue to see the Lord's grace move so abundantly in those I'm privileged enough to call brothers and sisters in Christ, I cannot respond with anything but the utmost humility and gratitude. Every single one of you is a superstar -- you know who you are (hey, that rhymes ... anyway), and if you don't, God definitely does.

I hope you're all doing wonderfully in your respective corners!

Many thanks and blessings,

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